Charities Helping the Homeless in the U.S.

How Organizations Work to Stop Homelessness All Over America

No one really wants to become homeless. Learn about the charities that are doing something to help people who fall victim to homelessness in the United States.

Charities that help the homeless are an act of benevolence and love towards mankind. Those who contribute to such worthy causes are generally referred to as philanthropists (people who promote human welfare). These charities can be church-based, non-profit organizations, community centers, and also government-funded shelters. Learn more about charities helping the homeless in this overview of their function and place in society.

Functions of Charities Who Help the Homeless

The function of charities that help the homeless is to provide people with the basic necessities they need to sustain life as the first priority. This is done through soup kitchens, shelters, as well as provide them safety by taking them off the streets.

These organizations also work to help the homeless train for jobs. This is done through free workshops and job fairs. In addition, charities helping the homeless will sometimes offer to counsel for people who have become addicted to drugs and alcohol, as many homeless people have.

Another function of these charities is providing medical care. The clinics set up to help the homeless are free, and while health professionals often times cannot provide surgical and pharmaceutical help, they can help with most common illnesses, such as colds, cuts and bruises, and other common ailments. Some charities even have counselors who will help people dealing with mental illness. Mental illness sufferers compromise a majority of the homeless in the United States.

Misconceptions of Charities Helping the Homeless

Many people think that charities helping the homeless are able to provide for every need that a homeless person has, but this simply is not true. They usually operate under donations given to them, either by individuals or companies or even through fundraisers. Because of this, they find it hard to provide for every need because of lack of funds.

Another misconception that some people have about these charities is that the money you donate does not even go to the cause. They do rely on monetary donations. But, donations do not necessarily have to be monetary in nature. Some charities will accept non-perishable foods, blankets, clothing, and other items that will help the homeless. Those interested in making a donation to any charity should do research about where the funds will go before deciding on what charity to support.

Another limitation that some charities face, especially smaller ones, is the inability to provide for everyone in the community. They are only able to serve a certain number of homeless individuals because of a lack of supplies or food being donated to the cause. Ultimately, some people have to be turned away, and this is often difficult for anyone volunteering with a charity for the homeless.

Types of Charities that Help the Homeless

There are different types of charities that help the homeless. Some larger organizations are able to focus on the broad needs of homeless people, while other organizations may concentrate solely on feeding the poor to meet their daily food requirements. Still, other charities gather volunteers who are willing to actually build houses for the homeless or meet some other physical need that is urgent. There are also volunteers who talk with homeless people on the streets to provide some company, if only for a while. There are charities that cater specifically to women and children, or just to men. It all adds up to people helping people, and the realization that working together makes things happen for the better.

These charities understand that homelessness has been a problem for centuries, and will continue to be a plague in our society for years to come. The collective mission of these organizations is not focused on putting an end to poverty and the other causes of homelessness, but to let the people who fall into this situation know that someone wants to offer them a hand-up and not shun them from society forever. One person and one family at a time, these charities are making a difference in thousands of peoples’ lives each day.


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