Dementia Apps

“There’s an app for that!”–even when it comes to helping people with dementia.  Dementia apps are not necessarily a genre. The apps were not developed specifically as dementia apps. Those are just everyday apps that happen to work well for those who live with Alzheimer’s or other dementias.  Since staying engaged is critical, employing any appropriate apps for persons with dementia can be a truly beneficial care technique.

Dementia Apps Not Designed Just for Dementia

The “Five Good Apps for Dementia Sufferers” list has some lesser-known suggestions, but coming in at number one is the hugely popular YouTube.  YouTube offers videos in every category imaginable.  Perhaps the person with dementia has always loved sports. Or perhaps he is someone who has a soft spot for animals.  Either way, there is something there for him to love. An elderly baseball fan might enjoy images of the ballparks of yesterday. He could even view old footage from opening day 1918!  An animal lover who connects with little else may be charmed by the nearly innumerable YouTube cat videos.  Those videos are calming and comforting if they remind someone of the tabby who was for years an integral part of his life.

YouTube also offers a wide spectrum of music videos. Even when spoken communication falters, lyrics and poetry and music can remain powerful and emotional to a person with dementia.  When YouTube or other avenues offer music that rekindles connection, they become wonderfully beneficial dementia apps.

Specific Dementia Apps

There are, of course, a great many dementia apps available for caregivers and clinicians, such as Home Instead’s own free Daily Companion app.  But it is encouraging and empowering that there are also apps for dementia sufferers themselves.  These apps are designed specifically for people living with the challenges of dementia.  The apps are both simple and useful. One app called “It’s Done!” allows the user to check off tasks as they are completed.  That is a real comfort for those with short-term memory loss who may not remember turning off the stove or taking a medication or feeding a pet.  It offers much-needed practical help. The app can even text caregivers or family with information.

Are there dementia apps that are a good fit for your loved one?  Yes!  Search the app store for possibilities. The catalog of apps is always changing.  Hope springs eternal, and so, almost, does the variety of apps available.

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